Credit Insurance

Purchasing a vehicle is an exciting time. You’ve budgeted and saved wisely for your new investment, and now it’s time to make another important decision that will protect your financial obligation. Whether you are financing or leasing your vehicle, there are several options available to help protect your good credit and your family.

Credit Life Insurance 
- Pays off the balance of your vehicle loan obligation in the event of death.
- Leaves your estate with the asset of the vehicle vs. the liability of the debt.
- Maintains the value of all your other insurance policies.
- It’s Affordable Peace of Mind.

Sickness & Injury 
- Makes your vehicle loan payment for you if you are unable to work at your job.
- Confinement to your home or hospitalization not necessary.
- Benefits will continue until you can return to your job.
- Pays in addition to any workplace or private plans.

Critical Illness 
- Pays off the balance of your vehicle loan in the event of: heart attack, stroke, malignant cancer, paralysis, organ transplant or bypass surgery.
- Most people survive their Critical Illness. With your vehicle loan paid off, any additional insurance benefits can be directed to where you need it most.

Please see your Certificate of Insurance for the specific terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to your coverage.